Energy Lite Online Training Program

The Coalition is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Energy Lite training course for 2020


We encourage you to share your energy management success stories with us to incorporate into training modules.


We would like to thank the course facilitators for their tremendous work on this course!


The Energy Lite training offers:

  • Subject matter experts sharing in-field concepts
  • Case studies demonstrating sound business case methodologies
  • Tool kit and guidance documents
  • Targeted networking opportunities for those in smaller, more remote communities
  • Knowledge-sharing awareness collateral


This initiative suitable for: 

  • Hospital and LTC Facility Staff
  • Energy and Finance Managers
  • Operations Technicians
  • Engineering Staff
  • Facility Managers, Supervisors
  • Electricians/HVAC/Control Technicians
  • Facility/Construction Coordinators

Energy Lite Program Curriculum

  • Module 1 – Energy Fundamentals
  • Module 2 – Energy Efficient Lighting Systems
  • Module 3 – Commissioning and Recommissioning
  • Module 4 – HVAC System Optimization
  • Module 5 – Chiller/Cooling Systems Optimization
  • Module 6 - Boiler/Steam System Optimization
  • Module 7 – Motors and Pumps
  • Module 8 – Compressor Systems
  • Module 9 – Building Envelope
  • Module 10 – Renewables
  • Module 11 – Tools to Consider
  • Module 12 – What’s Next
  • Module 13 – Resiliency, Circular Economy, Sustainability
  • Module 14 – Behaviour Change


Early feedback results for the first session are in! Stay tuned for updates on the feedback results as we work on collecting and compiling them.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, learning objectives and course curriculum, please contact

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Energy Lite Toolkit Resources