The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care aims to build capabilities and capacity in individuals and organizations to enable the development of an environmentally sustainable, net-zero and climate-resilient health system. Paving the way for an ideal green community. 

Health care is everywhere. From hospitals to community centres, health care is deeply integrated into different parts of the community. As we face this climate crisis, the health care system has the privilege and responsibility to lead the way towards an ideal green community.  We can do this in 3 ways: 

  1. Anchor institutions, like hospitals, can lead the way on sustainability and be a shining light for others in the community
  2. Health facilities and clinics interact with many parts of society and business.  Our choices matter. We can choose who we buy from, and what we buy.
  3. Health care professionals have been identified as the most trusted of all professions. Health care professionals have the opportunity to provide community leadership in actions against climate change as well as in the adoption of technologies and practices that improve the health of individuals and the planet.

Elements of the Ideal Green Community


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The Green Office Challenge

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care, PEACH and the HFHT Green Team, with sponsorship from HP, are hosting a NATIONAL COMPETITION to determine the Greenest Primary Care Office in the Country!

The Ask: Answer questions and score your practice in the different areas of sustainability.

HINT: The questionnaire is heavily guided by the Green Office Toolkit 2.0 👉

Timeline: Official announcement coming soon! In the meantime, email Autumn at to express your interest and be first to know when the questionnaire is released.

Canadian Health Care Forests

Visit our new webpage to read about the initiative, discover interesting resources, learn about our collaborators and view the tree plantings map. Take a look HERE.

Nix the Nitrous

The case for abandoning centralized nitrous oxide systems in favour of portable solutions is compelling. Not only does it align with environmental conservation efforts, but it also supports health and safety standards while offering economic benefits. Check out the initiative webpage HERE to learn how you can join the movement.

Green Pages

Check out our directory of toolkits/guidebooks for health care professions across Canada to improve your individual or organisations environmental footprint. Start your journey HERE.

Zero-Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative

The Coalition has finished our ZEVAI initiative with funding from Natural Resources Canada. You find all of the project resources on our webpage HERE.



The Climate Crisis & Healthcare Adaptation: All hands on deck!

May 7th, 2024 at 5pm PT/8pm ET

Join the OMA Green Is Health, PEACH, and CAPE for their upcoming panelist webinar on the use of scenario planning, a powerful collaborating planning technique used across sectors, with a focus on climate adaptation in health care.

Learn more and register HERE.

How Canadian Nurses are Advancing Planetary Health: From the Local Stage to the International Arena

May 8th, 2024 at 9am PT/12pm ET

Join the Coalition, PEACH, CANE, and Ontario Nurses for the Environment in celebrating nurses’ week by engaging with several nursing leaders who are actively advancing planetary health. From international action all the way to local advocacy, we are bringing together four incredible nurses who are working hard to protect the health of both people and the planet.

Learn more and register HERE.

Preparing for Climate Change in Health Care Facilities: Wildfire and Smoke

May 14th, 2024 at 9am PT/12pm ET

In this webinar hear how Interior Health in BC dealt with the wildfires and smoke last year, what resiliency and adaptation planning they have implemented and are considering, and how Emergency Management was coping on the ground. This information can help guide other health care organisations to be better prepared to deal with wildfires and smoke.

Learn more and register HERE.

Safeguarding Our Planet, One Health Facility at a Time

June 7th, 2024 at 8am PT/11pm ET

Join REACHRheum and the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care as we welcome Dr. Myles Sergeant and Dr. Owen Dan Luo to discuss climate actions you can take at your hospital and clinic.

Learn more and register HERE.

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