The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care aims to build capabilities and capacity in individuals and organizations to enable the development of an environmentally sustainable, net-zero and climate-resilient health system. Paving the way for an ideal green community. 

Health care is everywhere. From hospitals to community centres, health care is deeply integrated into different parts of the community. As we face this climate crisis, the health care system has the privilege and responsibility to lead the way towards an ideal green community.  We can do this in 3 ways: 

  1. Anchor institutions, like hospitals, can lead the way on sustainability and be a shining light for others in the community
  2. Health facilities and clinics interact with many parts of society and business.  Our choices matter. We can choose who we buy from, and what we buy.
  3. Health care professionals have been identified as the most trusted of all professions. Health care professionals have the opportunity to provide community leadership in actions against climate change as well as in the adoption of technologies and practices that improve the health of individuals and the planet.

Elements of the Ideal Green Community


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New Guidebook - Sustainable Health Care: An Implementation Guide for Rheumatologists

Check out the latest Guidebook for Environmental Stewardship, developed by the Ontario Rheumatology Association and the Canadian Rheumatology Association, alongside PEACH and the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care. View the Guidebooks.

Micro-Mobility Case Study - Yukon Home Care Embraces E-Bikes

Read the Coalition's first case study of our Zero Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative, focusing on battery-powered micro-mobility. View the case study in ENGLISH or in FRENCH.

Join our National Health Care Forest

With the help of our partners, the Coalition is helping to create a national health care forest! If you are interested in planting trees or shrubs at your facility, please reach out to us using our CONTACT US page.


November 8th - Creating Space and Healing Climate Emotions for Planetary Health

On November 8th, CCGHC and PEACH Health Ontario welcomed speakers Anna Gunz, Kady Cowan and Nate Charach to discuss how we can help individuals express feelings of climate grief and transform them into planetary healing. You can watch the webinar recording HERE.

November 14th - Look Ma... No Gloves! Safely addressing unnecessary glove use

On November 14th, CCGHC and CASCADES began our "Addressing Unnecessary Glove Use" series where we are diving into the various approaches employed by organisations to tackle the issue of unnecessary glove use. You can watch the first webinar in this series HERE.

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