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The Global EV Outlook is an annual publication that identifies and discusses recent developments in electric mobility across the globe. It is developed with the support of the members of the Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI). Combining historical analysis with projections to 2030, the report examines key areas of interest such as electric vehicle (EV) and charging infrastructure deployment, energy use, CO2 emissions and battery demand.

This briefing provides an update on the 25 largest electric passenger vehicle markets worldwide. Researchers analyze electric vehicle uptake, charging infrastructure development, electrification goals, planning, and incentives to draw lessons to assist local governments in their transition to electric mobility. Read the full report HERE.

The Electric Vehicle Outlook is BloombergNEF’s annual long-term publication looking at how electrification, shared mobility and autonomous driving will impact road transport from now out to 2050. The report draws on a team of specialists around the world and looks at scenarios for how these trends will impact the automotive, energy, infrastructure and battery materials markets over the coming decades.

This paper compares the financial costs of building electric vehicle charging infrastructure using empirical data with health costs to see if there is a net benefit. They have found that in the majority of plausible scenarios of balanced growth, when the number of vehicles rises and so does the number of charging stations, there is a positive net benefit to society. Read more about this study HERE.

Electric-mobility may be a key component in a successful transition toward deep greenhouse reductions. However, widespread uptake and use of plugin electric vehicles will involve meaningful shifts in social and technical systems. This report considers the potential market for plug-in electric vehicles in Canada’s passenger vehicle sector and investigates how consumer interests may guide such shifts. Read the full report HERE.

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