About us

For over 20 years the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care has been helping those working in health care facilities, non-governmental and governmental organisations, individuals, students and businesses to share green health care best practices and to become better equipped to deal with the growing demands placed upon them to be environmentally responsible health service workers and individuals.

Together with our Stewardship Council members, staff, Interns, volunteers and supporters across Canada, the Coalition provides a virtual platform for the sharing of ideas and resources; we lend support to those seeking to build a stronger, healthier and more sustainable health service delivery system and we strive to improve access to best practice information, innovative goods and services that offer a clear environmental advantage to users within the sector, and provide a venue for stakeholders to work together to reduce health care’s environmental impact.

If you are looking to green your health care organisation, the Coalition can help. Our areas of interest include:

Climate Change Mitigation and Resilience


Sustainable Procurement and Purchasing


Healthy and Sustainable Foods

Manufacturing and Retail

Sustainable Transportation

Clean Energy

Waste Management and Mitigation



Hospitals and Long-Term Care/ Retirement





An Environmentally Sustainable, Climate Resilient, Net Zero Canadian Health System.


To build capabilities and capacity in individuals and organizations to enable the development of green health policies and practices.

Strategic Directions

Identify and work with change-makers, measure impact, and build networks of influence.


Our team

Board of Directors



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