Cooking Oil



Even if health care facilities have healthy eating policies, the use of some frying oils is often inevitable. Although they are not considered hazardous waste, used cooking oils must be properly disposed of. Improper disposal can create problems and additional costs:

  • Oils can block drains, causing floods and bad odours. They can also overload waste water purification plants
  • If untreated before entering the water system, oils can pollute streams and rivers and be toxic to wildlife
  • If thrown in the garbage, oils can disturb some waste treatment systems

Some companies are specialised in the recovery and recycling of cooking oils. According to the spokesman of Sanimax, vegetable cooking oils are recovered and treated at Sanimax plants in Quebec and Ontario (Hamilton). Oils are decanted, filtered and purified. The fats are then used to make soaps, biofuels, oleic, stareic or linoleic acid.