The functioning of hospitals depends heavily on transportation: patients, staff and visitors traveling to and from health facilities, the delivery of emergency and home care services, procurement  of materials and the transportation of waste to name a few. 

The Canadian transportation sector is the second largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada with light-duty vehicle (LDV) emissions accounting for approximately 50% of Canada’s transportation-related GHG emissions, and 22% of the country’s total emissions. (1)

Canada is committed to decarbonizing and diversifying the transportation sector through promoting and investing in low emission vehicles including regular micro-mobility, electric micro-mobility, electric vehicles (EVs), heavy-duty EVs, public transportation, active transportation, etc.

To align with Canada’s goal of net-zero by 2050, health care facilities should consider diversifying their fleets with alternative modes of transportation, such as electric ambulances and electric bikes, while encouraging health care workers and support staff to utilize sustainable transportation wherever possible.

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