Sustainable Facilities

The efficient operation and maintenance of health care facilities is a key priority for Canada.

Hospitals and other medical facilities are intensive users of energy and water, contributing to a large overall carbon footprint for the health system. Hospitals are typically one of the largest energy consumers in any community and have the highest energy intensity of all building types in the commercial/institutional sector.

Canada’s health care per capita spending is in the top quartile internationally. Among 29 countries that had comparable accounting systems in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2013, Canada was in the top quartile of countries in terms of per-person spending on health, at US$4,569. About 70% of Canada's total health expenditure comes from public-sector funding.

Improvements to facility infrastructure and the implementation of efficient, environmentally-friendly best practices are critical to reducing the environmental and financial costs of the health sector.