Sustainability Champions

The Coalition recognizes organizations as Sustainability Champions for their exemplary commitment to environmental sustainability in health care


Blue-Zone Technologies Ltd., our latest Sustainability Champion is a Toronto based company, with proprietary and globally patented technologies to capture and recover halogenated anesthetic drugs through their Deltasorb® and Centralsorb® Anesthetic Collection Services and then use the recovered in a distillation-based process for cost-effective production and sale of branded generics. Blue-Zone’s closed-loop system is a true Cradle-to-Cradle® solution for a very toxic and silent environmental pollutant.


The collection of halogenated anesthetics for the production of generics is a major breakthrough on two fronts.

1. Environmental
During surgery, less than 5% of the total anesthetics administered to the patient are actually metabolized. The remaining 95% are toxic greenhouse gases and are routinely vented outdoors through the operating room air scavenging system. In North America alone, there are approximately 60,000 operating rooms releasing anesthetics into the environment. This equates to the emissions of over 1 million cars, and these emissions are predicted to double over the next few years. The provided health co-benefits for the hospital’s community is a value-add.

2. Economic
Inhaled Anesthetics are among the most expensive hospital-based pharmaceutical drugs. The market is dominated by a few suppliers who have retained pricing power despite patent expiry. Blue-Zone has recently received Health Canada Approval for its branded generic Desflurane which is the final step in validating its “Cradle-to-Cradle®” business model for significant cost savings and domestic supply stability of essential medical gases.

Below are some Blue-Zone Technologies Ltd.’s latest key product offerings: 

Cradle-to-Cradle® Solution | Hand Sanitizer (EN) | Hand Sanitizer (FR)

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