Sustainability Champions

Become recognized as a Sustainability Champion

If your organisation has made a serious corporate commitment to making health care more sustainable, you can become recognized as a green health Sustainability Champion by the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care (CCGHC)


Recognition by the CCGHC, as a Sustainability Champion, gives your company access to our networks and knowledge base.


As a CCGHC Sustainability Champion you have an opportunity to work directly with other like-minded organizations and people to define projects, identify areas of research and education, and access information.

Get Involved

Sustainability Champions can sponsor specific projects, events, publications and online resources targeted at health care institutions, leaders, professionals, groups and agencies.


The CCGHC works with Sustainability Champions to provide targeted educational opportunities to health care leaders, professionals, staff and volunteers through virtual events – seminars, meetings, conferences as well as online webinars, case studies and newsletters.


Recognition as a sustainability champion enables collaboration with and exposure to healthcare customers. It also provides visibility at special events, which in turn may attract new customers and partners.


1-9 employees: $500.00/year
10-49 employees: $1,000.00/year
50-249 employees: $1,500.00/year
250-999 employees: $3,500.00/year
1,000 or more employees: $5000.00/year

*Prices indicated above are in CAD, and do not include provincial and federal sales taxes.

We want to bring together the green health leaders, influencers and achievers to generate momentum for health care’s transition to a new way of doing business.


These organisations are recognized as Sustainability Champions for their exemplary commitment to environmental sustainability in health care.

Blue Zone Technologies

Blue Zone Technologies specializes in anesthetic gas recovery and is committed to "Greening the Operating Room (OR)".

Dreison Health

Dreison Health has made an exemplary commitment to sustainability in health care.

Ecosystem Energy Services

Ecosystem made a commitment 28 years ago to serve as a resource to help health care facilities achieve their sustainability goals while also addressing challenges such as asset renewal, energy efficiency, and patient comfort.

Philips Healthcare

Philips Canada has been committed to environmental sustainability and constantly follows best practices while getting involved in various webinars and initiatives centered around the circular economy.

Trane Canada Inc.

Trane Canada has been heavily involved in pushing forward sustainability through energy management. Conserving energy and efficiently managing it can help reduce the negative impact on the environment.


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