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Welcome to the HELO North Networking Hub!

HealthCare Energy Leaders Ontario (HELO) is an innovative resource designed to improve energy efficiency in Ontario’s health care facilities. With a team of seasoned energy and facility managers, HELO has been helping reduce energy consumption and demand at sites across the province since January 2014. 

With a specific focus on small and medium-sized facilities in northern Ontario, HELO North is an initiative that aims to connect facilities, share resources, and make information readily available. The Network Hub is in its infancy and we are making additions to this page daily. If you have any links or documents to add to the Resources section, please send to samantha@greenhealthcare.ca.


Portfolio Manager

EPA's online energy management and tracking tool enables you to measure and track the energy and water performance of any building over time.

  • • Free program is available in Canada
  • • Manage Energy and Water Consumption for all Buildings
  • • Rate Building Energy Performance
  • • Estimate Your Carbon Footprint
  • • Set Investment Priorities
  • • Verify and Track Progress of Improvement Projects
  • • Related Tools
  • • Webinars

Alao check out EPA's Portfolio Manager Energy Use In Hospitals

Funds and Incentives

Across the province, hospitals, long-term care and other health-care facilities can benefit by using electricity more efficiently. Since electricity is a controllable operating expense, any energy reductions will result almost immediately correspond to reductions in operating costs. These savings mean more money for other priorities.
In some cases, the electricity savings achieved could cover the cost of installing new equipment in less than two years. And now, your local electric utility can offer financial incentives that could shorten that pay-back period even further. 

Check out Independent Electricity Systems Operator (IESO) SaveONenergy for incentives and rebates for your facility.


Learn about how ENERGYSTAR® can help your facility:

  • • Benchmark high efficiency products
  • • Indicate products tested and certified to meet strict technical specifications for energy performance
    • ○ Commercial appliances
    • ○ Office equipment and electronics
    • ○ HVAC & Controls, Lights, Windows, Doors, Skylights, Water Heaters
  • • Save energy without compromising performance
  • • Save you money & reduces environmental impact


Interested in what HELO can do for your facility?

For technical assistance, or for inquiries regarding HELO or HELO North, please contact HELO Lead JJ Knott