Battery-Powered Micro-Mobility Solutions

Project Objectives

This project supports the Government of Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative’s objective to increase public and industry awareness, knowledge and confidence in zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), particularly battery-powered micro-mobility (BPMM) solutions, as well as accelerate the adoption of these solutions by targeting the health and social services sector.

Our team is targeting the health sector and will provide support to green champions and other stakeholders in the adoption of BPMM solutions and related infrastructure.

The objectives of our project include:

  • Research adoption of BPMM solutions and related infrastructure in the health services sector
  • Increase awareness of BPMM solutions for the sector
  • Increase the number of and access to BPMM education documents specific to the sector
  • Seek out and engage micro-mobility champions and thought leaders
  • Engage and educate senior health care leaders and encourage adoption of BPMM solutions
  • Encourage adoption of BPMM solutions

If you have interesting research and resources to share; if your health care facility has integrated or is in the process of integrating BPMM infrastructure such as charging and storage; or if you a USER of BPMM solutions, please contact the lead researcher, Autumn Sypus at


March 31st, 2024: End of Project Media Release

March 29th, 2024: Final BPMM webinar

February 29th, 2024: Second BPMM webinar

January 18th, 2024: First BPMM webinar 

June 1st, 2023: BPMM Research Survey (Now closed)

May 18th, 2023: Project Media Release

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