Benefits of Membership

Why Support Green Health Care?

In Canada, health care products and services contribute over 11.6% to our gross domestic product and employ close to two million people. Spending on health care in 2007 was estimated at over $160 billion and it is predicted to be $264 billion in 2019 (see It is the single largest budget item within each Canadian province and territory. Health care sector activities result in the generation and disposal of large quantities of waste and use of great quantities of resources such as electricity, natural gas, water, and chemicals. The link between health and quality of our environment is now well proven. Greening the health care sector is having a significantly positive impact on the lives and well-being of all Canadians, ensures the health of our communities and helps protect our environment for future generations.

What is the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care?

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care is an alliance of committed Canadian health service organisations and associations that promote the adoption of environmentally-friendly and sustainable health care service delivery to complement the compassionate delivery of health care. We are a membership-based nationally incorporated not-for-profit organisation. We encourage environmentally-focused businesses to sponsor Coalition initiatives.

Membership in the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care helps individuals, health care organisations, government and businesses reduce health care’s environmental impact.

As a member, you’ll share in the Coalition’s wealth of knowledge, learn about exciting educational opportunities, and help us promote environmentally responsible health care in your facility or organisation, across Canada and around the world.

If you have any questions about membership that are not answered fully here, please contact the Coalition directly via email at

Membership is open to health care organizations, non-profit and government organizations, individuals and students who support the guiding principles contained in Canada’s Joint Position Statement: Toward an Environmentally Responsible Canadian Health Sector, available at: We encourage environmentally-focused businesses to sponsor Coalition initiatives

You can see a sampling of the projects and initiatives we have worked on and offer here.

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care is Canada’s premier green health care resource network; a national voice and catalyst for environmental change. Get involved.

As a member, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate and present at quarterly networking and peer exchange webinars.
  • Have priority access to lead and host pilot projects.
  • Attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting and vote in elections.
  • Be elected to the Association’s Board of Directors.
  • Represent the Association on external committees or consultations.
  • Volunteer on committees, working groups, or special ad hoc committees established by the Board.
  • Connect with other members through the ListServ

2020 Membership Fees

The Coalition’s 2020 membership fees are as follows:

  • Health Care Organisation:  $200 (includes hospitals with multiple sites)
  • Health Regions $500 (includes multiple hospital sites)
  • Provincial Health Organisation: $1,000 (where provincial health operates under one umbrella organisation, may have multiple regions)
  • Long-Term Care Organisations: $100
  • Not-for-Profit/Government:  $100 (only health care sector not-for-profits)
  • Individuals: $50
  • Students: $25

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