Reuse and Repurpose: Capturing Existing Asset Value


To redesign for the current needs of your buildings, learn from case studies that smartly leveraged existing assets for better outcomes.

About the event

New is not always better. While it may seem a natural step, the wholesale replacement of existing equipment is not always the smartest solution. Not only can it be wasteful and disruptive to install entirely new equipment, but these 1:1 replacements miss the opportunity to implement an integrated solution based on good design.

When you redesign for the current needs of your buildings, your existing equipment can be a useful tool for achieving the best outcomes. Repurposing verified equipment allows more creative possibilities that were not attainable before — such as extending and creating new networks — all while preserving aesthetics, saving time and money, and ensuring efficiency.

Using examples from multiple sectors, the panelists will discuss results achieved by projects that used the whole-building approach. These projects all reused existing assets to harness their value, ensuring a higher quality of outcomes than if they had simply replaced equipment.


Learning Objectives:

1. Enable better outcomes by smart reuse and repurposing of existing assets

2. Apply a comprehensive approach to buildings and solutions

3. Learn from examples of projects that have done this effectively


Maxime Jeffrey-Gauthier

Maxime Jeffrey-Gauthier is a Director of Project Development at Ecosystem, an integrated engineering-construction firm specializing in the modernization of electromechanical infrastructures.

He has over 16 years of experience, during which he has improved the financial, energy, environmental and operational performance of buildings in the healthcare and education sectors, as well as in commercial and industrial buildings.