Manufacturing and Retail

Health care supply chains are the largest contributors to GHG emissions in the health systems - estimated to be over 60% of the carbon footprint from health care in Canada. 

It is vital to collaborate with industry leaders on the production and distribution of sustainable products while helping healthcare leaders use their purchasing power to make sustainable decisions. Scoring systems such as SBTi and Corp Knights help ensure both environmental and social procurement practices are top of mind. 

Where possible, we should support the circular economy. The circular economy supports a system where items can be reused, refurbished, repaired, repurposed, recycled so entrance into the landfill is a last resort. Our society consumes massive amounts of goods and this is a great way to conserve our resources and reduce greenhouse gas emission from every step in the supply chain.

Our Community of Sustainability Leaders

Sustainability Business Leaders

We are creating a community of businesses who have demonstrated a serious commitment to sustainability through their policies, operations, and values. 

Together, we aim to develop better products and services, which not only are the best for patient care but also for the planet.

Industry Innovators

Research and innovation from industry innovators/entrepreneurs supports the future of sustainable healthcare. Small local businesses can inspire larger impacts on health care systems.


Join the Community

If your business has made a serious commitment to making health care more sustainable, or if you have just begun your journey to doing so, you can join our community of sustainability leaders and industry innovators.

Benefits to you will include:  

  • Advisory/consultation services on your sustainability initiative(s);
  • Networking with like-minded individuals, companies and institutions that are challenging the status quo and committing to do more to address the climate challenge;
  • Exposure of your brand through our newsletter the Green Digest and through our web-site:
  • A certificate and logo that that you can display on your web-site;
  • The opportunity to tell your story directly to our network through a short presentation our climate smart solutions webinar series;
  • The opportunity to sponsor customized webinars, case studies and events (may be associated with additional costs).

Supporter’s qualifications/requirements:

  • We recommend that all Supporters explore and join The Net Zero Challenge or the NHS equivalent.
  • Must work with the health care sector in some capacity.
  • No connection to the fossil fuel industry, tobacco industry or the military.

Investment in the program for a 12 month period is based on the number of employees in your organisation and renews annually.

If your company is interested in joining our community of sustainability leaders and industry innovators, contact us today!