LTC Scorecard Project

Ontario’s long-term care (LTC) and retirement homes (RH) sector will soon have a new environmental benchmarking platform available to them thanks to the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care and funding support from Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

Project Objective

Through collaboration with LTC and RH partners, the project team will identify, measure and report on the environmental performance of Ontario’s Long-Term Care (LTC) and Retirement Homes (RH) sector (“LTC/RH sector”) with an emphasis on reducing energy consumption.

The key project outcome will be a set of standardized metrics for the sector (“scorecard”) that will enable sector-wide benchmarking of energy use and that can be used to improve energy efficiency decision-making and performance. These metrics will be supported by the development of a web-based tool (“online tool”) to assist the LTC/RH sector in collecting the scorecard data. The online tool will facilitate data tracking and monitoring for the sector and will be used to populate a web-based dashboard, which will evolve from the Coalition's existing scorecard format.

The new scorecard will continue the Coalition’s focus on helping organisations measure their environmental performance in a number of areas including energy and water conservation, waste management and recycling, corporate environmental leadership, pollution prevention, and energy behaviour. Ultimately, it will provide the sector and the IESO with important information and insights about the sector’s energy consumption.

"Using the Coalition’s existing Green Hospital Scorecard as a template, the new scorecard platform will be a game changer for operators of long-term care and retirement homes who wish to embrace environmental stewardship in a truly meaningful way. It will provide them with access to Canada’s first-ever, evidence-based evaluation tool to both help them measure their internal environmental performance and allow them to see where they stand environmentally relative to peer organisations." - Neil Ritchie, Executive Director, Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care

Project Components

The project will consist of two phases:

Phase 1: Identify custom metrics for LTC and RH facilities and develop a web-based tool to gather the data

  1. Work with selected LTC and RH sites and organisations to identify readily obtainable energy data. Data will relate to building types, energy consumption and identification of energy-conservation measures.
  2. Create a set of online questions and key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used to gather the data needed to develop the web-based environmental dashboard for the LTC/RH sector. The online tool will then enable participants to input their own performance data. In Phase 2, this tool will be used to generate the scorecard automatically when linked to the scorecard so that participants can more readily benchmark their performance across the sector.
  3. Create a companion guidance document to assist participant sites in using the online tool.

Phase 2: Create the scorecard and pilot the online tool and scorecard with selected participants in the LTC/RH sector

  1. Use data collected by the online tool to create the web-based environmental performance dashboard based on the selected sector-specific metrics.
  2. Pilot the online tool and dashboard in a limited number of LTC and RH sites
  3. Develop the software needed to automatically link the data in the online tool data to the web-based dashboard.
  4. Prepare a final project report and share results with sector stakeholders via webinar (approximately March 2022).

Anyone interested in becoming involved in this new Coalition LTC/RH initiative is asked to contact Ozora Amin at

Project Team


Linda Varangu

Linda is immediate past Executive Director of the Coalition and its current Senior Advisor on Climate Change. She is excited to now be focusing her energies and passion on helping Canada’s health services sector address the ongoing climate emergency and readily acknowledges that green health care and addressing climate-related concerns go hand in hand.

She has been empowering health care facilities to improve environmental stewardship since the 1980s. Thankfully there has been much progress since then! Linda has led projects to reduce waste and use of toxic chemicals, provide healthy local foods, save energy and water and help facilities prepare and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Over the years she has contributed to a healthier planet by helping build coalitions, networks, social enterprises and not-for-profits with an environmental purpose. Reach Linda at



Kent Waddington

Kent is a Coalition co-founder and its current Communications Director. An environmentalist since high school, Kent has spent much of the past 20 years engaged in coaching members of the Canadian health services sector as they develop and adopt more environmentally responsible practices within their organisations. His background in energy management, writing, research and project management makes him well suited to lead the Coalition’s team on this project. Kent is also a past research team associate with Royal Roads University’s School of Environment and Sustainability and a founding Board member of the National Environmental Treasure, a people’s trust fund devoted to the exclusive funding of Canadian environmental organizations. Kent can be reached at



Ozora Amin

Ozora found her passion for sustainable health care practices and facilities while working in a Toronto hospital. She was inspired by the environmental challenges that she saw at work to seek formal education in how to develop sustainable operations within organizations. She is skilled in engaging diverse communities, project management and large-scale event management. She has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree in Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo. Ozora can be reached at




J.J. Knott

J.J. brings nearly 30 years of hands-on health care energy and facility management experience to the project team and is currently the Program Lead for the Coalition’s HealthCare Energy Leaders Ontario/Canada, a social enterprise devoted to assisting Canada’s health sector. J.J. works tirelessly to inspire colleagues in health care facilities across Canada to embrace energy efficiency practices and to incite them to make energy management an integral part of their facility management protocols.

He has been instrumental in the development of numerous energy-based Coalition initiatives, is past President of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society “(CHES”), recipient of the 2014 Green Health Care Individual Leadership Award, has taught numerous health care building performance courses and is actively involved in improving the sustainability of Canada’s health facility infrastructure. J.J. can be reached at


Shawn Shi

The Coalition turns to Shawn, our Data Engineer, for his expertise in big data-driven and machine learning-driven software solutions. He has a proficiency in a multitude of computer languages and extensive knowledge of data storage systems including SQL Server, Cosmos DB, Cassandra and Redis. His solid background in building large-scale service-oriented backend services will be put to use in developing the back end for the new LTC/RH online system.


Victor Sohier

Victor plans to utilize his recently acquired diploma in software development and his passion for writing quality software to provide the Canadian health care system with tools to become more energy efficient. He is convinced that the demand for green technology, in health care and elsewhere, will spur innovation to the benefit of the climate and the economy.

Victor can be reached at