Long Term Care

As the aging population is the fastest growing segment of the population in Canada, the demand for Long Term Care (LTC) homes continues to increase. LTC homes offer different levels of care to individuals with complex health needs who may not be ready for hospital discharge but who no longer require acute care services. These facilities are also known as nursing homes, personal care homes, residential care facilities, lodges, assisted living facilities, and supportive housing.

Although LTC homes remain contributors to the overall carbon footprint of healthcare facilities, they continue to play a critical role in supporting various populations, are known to be better for patients, and produce lower GHG emissions compared to acute care facilities. 

Our Projects


Benchmarking for a Sustainable Future in Long-Term Care Homes and Retirement Homes

May 30th, 2023 at 9:00 am PST/ 12:00 pm EST

Watch the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care's webinar outlining our success in developing Canada’s new (and only) Long-Term Care Home (LTCH) and Retirement Home (RH) Scorecard for benchmarking environmental performance. Hear about the results of our pilot with LTCH's and RH's as well as watch a demonstration of the online benchmarking tool. Learn about the benefits of benchmarking your facility, including examples of best practices to reduce energy consumption, and how this tool can support decision-makers in these sectors.

View the presentation slides HERE.