Coalition recruiting new leaders to join Board of Directors

Nearly all non-profit organisations in Canada are led by a volunteer Board of Directors and the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care (the Coalition) is no exception. We rely heavily on strong leadership to help us drive sustainable change in Canada’s health sector.   

The Coalition’s Board of Directors provides leadership to senior leaders and helps guide our strategic direction.  

If you are interested in volunteering as a Coalition Board Member, first consider your interests, and the skills and experience you could bring to a Board position. 

Directors are responsible for representing the interests of the Coalition and must act within the law. As a trustee, a Board Member must follow three basic principles:

  1. Diligence. Act reasonably and in good faith. Consider the best interest of the Coalition and its members.
  2. Loyalty. Place the interest of the Coalition first. Don’t use your position to further your personal interests.
  3. Obedience. Act within the scope of the law. Follow the rules and regulations that apply to the Coalition.

Remember, meaningful volunteer Board involvement needs to meet the needs of both the organisation and the volunteer.  

Prospective Board Members should understand a Board Member’s role. They should also be familiar with the Coalition’s History, Vision, Mission and Strategic Directions and have a sound understanding of the work we do and our position within Canada’s health care landscape.  

Volunteering can give you valuable experience to help identify education or employment needs or to help you build a resume and find or enhance your career. It also helps in building inclusive, diverse, and equitable communities

Are environmental stewardship and planetary health of interest to you? Do you see yourself as a leader who can provide guidance to Canada’s premier integrated green health care alliance? Then we encourage you to to reach out directly to our Executive Director Neil Ritchie ( providing a brief profile highlighting your areas of expertise and/or interest and a short paragraph detailing why you feel you would be an awesome new Board Member of the Coalition. 

Deadline for application is June 26th, 2022. 

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