Investing in re-commissioning at Cross Cancer Institute pays big dividends

The Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta is the comprehensive cancer
centre for northern Alberta and a lead centre for the province-wide prevention,
research and treatment program, providing advanced medical and supportive
cancer care, patient and professional education.

The team at Mackenzie Hospital had a challenging problem on their
hands. Their Cross Cancer Institute (CCI) facility was experiencing
air delivery and cooling issues during shoulder and summer seasons
in the lower levels (Level 0, 1 and 2) of the building.
Adding to their concern was the fact the main air handler array
serving the facility had no redundancy built in, meaning an air
system could not be shut down for maintenance, or any other reason,
without impacting air flow to CCI and thus causing an adverse effect
on clinical programs and patient comfort and safety.
After numerous attempts failed to rectify the problems, including
increasing existing fan flows to maximum capabilities, a request was
made for a capital expenditure to fund the purchase and installation
of a new air handler, estimated to cost approximately $500,000: this
in addition to extensive down time and disruption to research and
treatment activities at CCI.
It was clear that with health care dollars being as scarce as they are and in
such high demand elsewhere in the system, a project of this nature could
take years to be approved. In the interim, user space would continue to
get worse from a ventilation perspective and occupant dissatisfaction
would remain. The decision was finally made to put the facility through a
re-commissioning process focusing on the air handlers and the delivery of
air to the lower floors in CCI