Green Office Toolkit – For Clinicians and Office Managers

The Green Office Toolkit
For Clinicians and Office Managers

The Green Offices Toolkit, designed to simplify and inspire the ‘greening’ of your health care practices. Here you will find practical and affordable ideas to make eco-friendly office improvements, and real life examples, with the ultimate goal of helping health professionals support the health and wellbeing of patients, while respecting the foundations of health for present and future generations. Healthcare is estimated to cause between 6-10% of all environmental harm (and ensuing illness) from Canadian society.

However, increasing numbers of clinics and health institutions across Canada and the world are looking at how they can have better impacts on the planet we depend on.

Having a green office doesn’t have to be costly. In fact, the benefits of a green office can include cost savings, as well as a healthier office environment, and improved patient and staff experience. Cost savings mainly result from reduced waste and improved efficiency.

It is hoped that patients and clients may appreciate and learn from the examples set by their care providers, and take environmental and health-conscious actions in their own offices or homes. In addition, anything we do to reduce our environmental footprint will help reduce the impacts of climate change. The Lancet Commission on Climate Change has identified climate change as both the greatest global health threat and opportunity of the 21st century.

While there are many ideas beyond this toolkit on ways we can be better stewards for our environment, we provide a selection of tips and suggestions which are easy to implement, evidence-based or-informed, cost effective and appeal to a variety of clinical contexts. This may act as a starting point for more sustainable actions and inspire the process of striving towards a better future and healthier planet. As well, not every section is appropriate for all clinical situations: choose the parts that fit your context best and move forward.

The Green Office Toolkit can be accessed here.
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