Green Leadership

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care is Canada’s premier integrated green health care resource network; a national voice and catalyst for environmental change. We believe that Green Leadership is essential to providing the health sector with the knowledge and means needed to achieve environmental improvement and sustainability.

We encourage the adoption of resource conservation, pollution prevention principles and effective environmental management systems to reduce the Canadian health care system’s ecological impact while protecting human health and encouraging environmental sustainability initiatives. Since 2001, we have developed many innovative partnerships with public and private sector support, including numerous projects with Canadian universities, that have positively impacted the environment in the adoption of local sustainable foods, reduction of toxics, improved waste management, environmentally preferred purchasing protocols, energy conservation, and more.  

The Coalition is proud to offer guidance and mentoring to organisations in many areas:

  • The Climate Change Resiliency Mentoring Project assists organisations in evaluating their readiness for climate change-related emergencies, identifying areas for improvement, and acting to build more resilient communities.
  • The Green Hospital Scorecard program is a tool for hospitals to benchmark their environmental performance from year to year against themselves and facilities in their peer group.
  • The Green Health Leaders Institute supports senior leaders, specifically health care board members, executives, medical staff and policy-makers, with a desire to move their organisations to a new level of environmental stewardship
  • The Safer Chemicals Project works with hospitals to reduce toxic and hazardous waste generated by health care facility operations through the identification, implementation, and evaluation of innovative, toxics-free technologies and chemical use strategies.
  • The WAHA First Nation's Energy Project assists health care facilities in Ontario’s remote First Nation’s communities on the western coast of James Bay with energy efficiency, conservation, education, and training.
  • Starting Green Teams. From starting up Green Teams, to working through the internal processes of initiating composting programs, to engaging corporate leaders, we use our developed network and health sector expertise to support anyone wishing to initiate Green programs or initiatives at their facility.