Green Health Care Community

Our partners are the branches into our community. We are proud to collaborate with a diverse range of partners who share our commitment to sustainable health systems. This network of partners allows for the efficient dissemination of information on new resources, courses and events, and broad spectrum learning about various sustainability topics from different perspectives in the community. 

Over the years, the Coalition has fostered key relationships to build a network of academic, regional, and national partners. The Coalition is also proud to be a part of international communities hosted by the World Health Organization. Each of our partners plays a specific role in the sustainable health care community, providing a diverse range of networks, resources and educational opportunities.


Let's Collaborate!

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care believes in the collaborative approach to achieving progress in making Canada’s health services sector environmentally sustainable, net-zero and climate resilient.  

To reach our many stakeholder audiences, we rely on a variety of methodologies:

If you have a collaborative idea, get in touch with us and let’s work on developing it into a new project, case study or webinar.