Green Hospital Scorecard

2019 Green Hospital Scorecard Data Call Coming Soon

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care (The Coalition) is pleased to announce the seventh year of the Green Hospital Scorecard (GHS) program and will be extending an invitation for all hospitals to participate! Last year we had submissions from across Canada and internationally. The GHS program provides meaningful measures of hospital operations, management, and policy adoption in the energy and environment sphere. It benchmarks environmental performance for hospitals alongside de-identified peer data and is an excellent way for hospitals to demonstrate commitment to environmental sustainability.

For the previous six years, the program collected data that reflected environmental performance in five categories: Energy, Water, Waste, Pollution Prevention, and Corporate Leadership. Last year year we were excited to expand the program by adding several new sections: Transportation, Food, Climate Change and Energy Behaviour.

REMINDER - The upcoming data call is for 2018 data (January - December 2018).

As this year's survey is not open yet, if you wish to view/download a PDF copy of last year's survey for review, please click here.


2018 Green Hospital Scorecard Webinars

Educational webinar

Review of the GHS survey, how to submit your data and an overview of the new sections (Transportation, Food, Climate Change, Energy Behaviour).

  • This webinar was hosted on Thursday, February 14 2019. Click here to view slides.





Energy Behaviour webinar

With the generous support from SaveONEnergy, we will also be offering a introduction and overview on Energy Behaviour webinar.

  • The webinar was hosted on Wednesday, February 20 2019. Click here to view the slides.
  • Click here to view the newly added scorecard questions on Energy Behaviour.

2017 Ontario Green Health Care Award Webinars

Click here to watch the Ontario Green Health Care Awards Top Performers webinar, hosted on June 26th, 2018.

Event description: This webinar celebrated achievements in sustainability from hospitals across Canada. The Coalition hosted webinar included: award presentations, profile of top performers and program successes, and shared the latest environmental innovations in the field. The Ontario Green Health Care Awards webinar celebrated initiatives from non-accute, community, academic and small hospitals. A total of 16 awards were presented to top performers in energy, water, waste and Green Hospital of the Year.

Click here to view the Energy Focus: Ontario Green Health Care Awards webinar, hosted on June 28th, 2018. Sponsored by Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

Event description: The Coalition along with hospital sites from across Canada celebrated achievements in sustainability. This free webinar included: an awards presentation, profiling top performers in energy and program successes, and sharing the latest environmental innovations in the field. This webinar will highlighted and celebrated achievement from non-accute, community, academic and small hospitals.

Click here to read the 2017 GHS Guidance on Interpretation of the Scorecard.

For questions please contact

2016 Green Hospital Scorecard Winners Results and Resources

Presentation on 2016 GHS winners

Click here for webinars, sector reports, and case studies from the 2016 GHS program.

Click here for a link to the 2017 GHS educational webinar hosted on November 28th, 2017.

Project Background

The Green Hospital Scorecard (GHS) is the only comprehensive health care benchmarking tool in Canada measuring energy conservation, water conservation, waste management and recycling, corporate commitment and pollution prevention. Participating hospitals report on their environmental and sustainability initiatives through a questionnaire and receive a Green Hospital Scorecard summarizing their environmental performance relative to their peers.

Our educational webinar on the GHS can be found here. This video outlines the focus of the survey and how to save, share and navigate the Green Hospital Scorecard survey.

In 2013, the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) developed and administered the Green Hospital Scorecard through the Green Hospital Champion Fund and supportive funding from the Ministry of Consumer and Government Services. That program ended in early 2016, and after an internal review the OHA decided to seek an appropriate organization to assume ongoing operation of the GHS. As a historic collaborator on the development of the GHS and on the OHA’s Green Health Care Awards since 2001, the Coalition was a logical choice to carry forward the delivery of the GHS.

The Coalition will again deliver the 2017 GHS program. Check out our Green Hospital Scorecard FAQ for more information.

Project Goals, Objectives, and Performance Results

The main purpose of the GHS is to provide a vehicle for standardized, sector-specific environmental benchmarking and to connect hospitals with environmental information that will assist them in achieving environmental and economic benefits such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved energy and water efficiency. The GHS allows for enhancement of existing benchmark data, refinement of collection methodologies, and the creation of meaningful reporting data to inform the sector, hospitals’ executives and future conservation programming. The intent of the program is to raise the hospital organization's awareness, motivate change, and incite improvements in the environmental sphere by recognizing each participating hospital's achievements.

The Scorecard shows a hospital's environmental performance in five areas: Energy, Water, Waste, Pollution Prevention, and Corporate Leadership. The GHS:

  • Provides a high-level snapshot of the organization's environmental performance against a backdrop of de-identified peer data.
  • Helps identify potential areas for improvements to environmental performance and operational efficiency
  • Informs target-setting
  • Offers the opportunity to be individually recognized through annual Gold, Silver and Bronze level achievements
  • Encourages excellence by honouring select participating organisations with annual Green Health Care Awards.

See a copy of a sample Scorecard here.


Participation is FREE for hospitals! The 2018 GHS collecting 2017 data is currently closed. The 2019 GHS collecting 2018 data will be open soon!

At this time, only hospitals are invited to participate. If you are a Long Term Care Facilitator interested in how we can offer this opportunity please contact Robert Hanley, at

Information on how the CCGHC will handle data confidentiality can be found in the Green Hospital Scorecard FAQ

Thank you to our sponsor for the 2017 Ontario Green Health Care Energy Award-SaveOn Energy

Thank you to our sponsor for the 2017 Ontario Green Health Care Water Award- Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society Ontario (CHEO ON)

Thank you to our sponsor for the 2017 Ontario Green Health Care Waste Award- Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO)