Food Procurement at Ross Memorial Hospital

Project Description:

This project will address several barriers to purchasing local food in public institutions through action and assessment.  Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) and the project partners will work with food distributors to improve the availability of local food options.  This is of benefit to RMH, and the entire Region of the City of Kawartha Lakes.  The project will promote local food by developing new and local menu items at RMH.  We will then evaluate the impact that serving local food has on patient satisfaction, and food waste.  These actions could greatly support local food in the health care sector, which serves 115,000,000 meals/year in Ontario.


Project Results:

Local Food Case Study #3: Ross Memorial Hospital decreases ecological footprint with wholesome, nutritious local food


Project Goals:

  1. Audit 10 menu items to determine the origin of foods used.
  2. Based on audit results, develop at least 5 new, local menu items at RMH to replace non-local menu items.
  3. Work with Sysco Central Ontario to purchase local foods.
  4. Develop local food profiles to market the use and story of local food.
  5. Evaluate the potential impact that local food has on patient satisfaction with foods at RMH.
  6. Evaluate the potential impact that local food has on patient tray food waste at RMH.
  7. Create knowledge transfer opportunities.

Project Timeline:

October 2011 – March 31, 2012


Project Funders

Broader Public Investment Sector Fund


Project Partners:

Health Care:

Ross Memorial Hospital, Lindsay, ON


Sysco Central Ontario


Dr. Mustafa Koc, Ryerson University – Project Advisor

Dr. Paulette Padanyi, University of Guelph – Project Advisor

Non-Profit and Community:

City of Kawartha Lakes

Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care
My Sustainable Canada