While it is common practice to use energy saving technologies to achieve energy reductions, people ultimately control how technologies are used and achieve energy savings. Energy management that includes the human dimension is known as Energy Behaviour.

Energy Behaviour approaches have been shown to be successful in the residential sector to reduce home energy use and to induce energy savings in businesses. The application of Energy Behaviour in the institutional sector and how a sector approach can be designed to achieve energy savings is not well understood or documented, although it has been demonstrated in several hospital settings, some which have shown energy savings of 3-10%.

In support of Energy Behaviour practices, the Coalition has awarded outstanding health care facilities through our annual Green Health Care Awards, associated with our Green Hospital Scorecard Program. To view past winners and explore data on Energy Behaviour in the sector, visit the GHS webpage and read our Green Health Care Reports.

Health Care-specific Energy Behaviour Resources

Examples of Energy Behaviour Initiatives in Hospitals