Coalition Two-Time Winner of ENERGY STAR Advocate of the Year

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care is honoured to announce we have again been granted the ENERGY STAR® Advocate of the Year Award for work in promoting and facilitating the adoption of ENERGY STAR qualified products within Canada’s health services sector during 2016-2017.

“The Coalition has worked diligently over the years to improve energy efficiency within Canada’s health sector and winning the ENERGY STAR Advocate of the Year award only serves to reinforce our resolve to help make Canadian hospitals and long-term care homes as energy efficient as possible. On behalf of the Coalition and our stakeholders across Canada, I’m very honoured to again accept the award on behalf of our team,” said Executive Director Linda Varangu. “We are honoured to be acknowledged for our contribution to improving energy management practices within the sector, and our advocacy of ENERGY STAR as a key component of an energy efficient and climate change resilient health facility.”

“ENERGY STAR Canada exemplifies our government’s commitment to improved energy efficiency as we transition to a low-carbon, clean-growth economy. On behalf of Canadians, I am proud to recognize the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care for their efforts to increase the number of energy-efficient products in the market, and for making it easier for health care institutions to save money and reduce energy use. All of today’s award winners can be proud of their outstanding innovations in energy efficiency” said Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources.

For seventeen years, the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care has been driving leadership in environmentally-sustainable health care practices by helping those working in health care facilities, non-governmental and governmental organizations, individuals, students and businesses to share green health care best practices and to become better equipped to deal with the growing demands placed upon them to be environmentally responsible.

Some noteworthy activities and accomplishments in 2016 include numerous articles in the Canadian Green Health Care Digest promoting ENERGY STAR to Canadian and international readership with an approximate reach of 4500 per issue; recommending ENERGY STAR in more than 20 building energy assessments, including community hospitals, First Nations and remote northern health facilities; and the promotion of ENERGY STAR at national and provincial conferences and trade shows, webinars, teleconferences, stakeholder events and in media articles.

More recently, the Coalition undertook a study of medical imaging devices as a potential equipment category eligible for ENERGY STAR certification in a joint project with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

As a result of the Coalition’s ongoing energy conservancy work through HealthCare Energy Leaders Canada, tens of thousands of ENERGY STAR certified products have been installed in care facilities and physical plant and energy managers have a far greater understanding of how beneficial ENERGY STAR is from both energy and financial savings perspectives.

Using detailed walk-through audits and personalized opportunity assessment reports, the Coalition’s team demonstrates the benefit of installing ENERGY STAR certified equipment and creating a healthier work and healing environment while allowing for scarce health care dollars to be directed back into compassionate patient diagnosis, care and treatment.

In 2015, the Coalition won its first Advocate of the Year Award.

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