Green Team Project

Project Overview

Our Green Team Project in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment and University of Alberta graduate student, Joanna Law, aimed to create a national picture of Green Teams. The interactive map below shows the locations and information about the Green Teams and their initiatives. Here is what we found out about Canadian Green Teams:

Table 1: Green Team Facility Type

Facility Type# of Green Teams
Health Network2
Family Practice1
Health Centre1
Medical Student Network1

Table 2: Location of Green Team Sites

Location# of Sites
British Columbia1
Nova Scotia1

*There are two health network Green Teams that are responsible for five sites which accounts for the difference in the number of Green Teams and number of sites.

The two main foci for these Green Teams are reducing energy consumption and waste production. There are many varied initiatives to accomplish these goals. Some of these initiatives include replacement or retrofitting of boilers, HVAC optimization, energy-efficient lighting, recycling programs, circular economy, and refurbishment and donation. To read more about these and other initiatives please refer to the map below.

Table 3: Green Team Energy and Waste Reduction

Type of Reduction# of Sites with MetricTotal Reduction
Electricity Consumption320.59 million kWh
Natural Gas Consumption2606,581 m3
Waste Diversion5477.1 tonnes
Financial Savings3$552,000
Reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions
1969,580 kg CO2 eq

*Many sites are making effective changes, but not all reported metrics for this project.

This picture of Canadian Green Teams is not comprehensive but provides a starting point to know what has been accomplished and what initiatives are currently active. It is the goal of this project to inform and inspire those looking to start a Green Team and provide networking opportunities for existing Green Teams. For more information, see the project presentation video below.

If you have a Green Team and are not part of this project yet or have any questions please contact Joanna Law at


About Joanna Law

Joanna is a registered nurse with a background in critical care and addictions and mental health. It was during her shifts that she started to notice the environmental implications of health care activities. This inspired her to seek further education in how nurses and other health care workers can help create sustainable changes. She is currently in her first year of graduate studies with the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta. Her nursing experience is complemented by a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of Alberta and eight years of experience as a board member for a community-based non-profit.


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