Climate Change in the News

Climate change is real. It is here and it is not going away.

August 2016 marked the 16th consecutive month a global heat record had been shattered. Increasing atmospheric and ocean temperatures bring with them increased frequency and severity of storms, epidemics, heat waves, and other natural disasters. Health care facilities in developed nations, like Canada, are not immune to climate change impacts. While facilities worldwide are recognizing the need to adapt to a changing climate, several events have already had devastating consequences. From West to East, a few examples of North American facilities facing adversity due to climate change-related events are listed here:

Vancouver Island Water Turbidity

Extreme humidity in Regina

Fort McMurray Wildfires

Hurricane Katrina Devastates Memorial Hospital

New University hospital is built with disaster preparedness in mind

Flooding in Manitoba

Toronto ice storm 2014

Florida hospitals prepare for Hurricane Matthew

West Nile Outbreaks expected to continue

Ebola virus outbreaks and Climate Change

Canada’s response to Ebola