Circular Economy

Canada's health services sector is poised to become a major influencer in helping change our traditional linear extraction and waste-based consumer economy into a new, functional circular economy which supports the maximum extraction of value from every item before being systematically and judiciously reinvented and/or regenerated at end of life. The growing demands on our health care system demand nothing less!

Past Webinars

The Circular Economy Imperative: How Philips is introducing new business models to benefit health care and the environment

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Wednesday, May 13th, 2020
Growing demand for health care from an expanding population, overconsumption of resources, waste, pollution, climate – all these factors are putting unsustainable pressure on our ecosystems.

On the upside, a number of global trends – e.g. the shift to value-based care, changing consumption patterns and the adoption of digital technology – are supporting the (essential) transition to a circular economy.

Covering the basics of “the circular economy” and how it impacts your health care organisation’s financial outlook, your ecological footprint and climate change resiliency.

An alternative to the traditional linear economy where we manufacture, consume and dispose of products, the circular economy allows for the maximum extraction of the value of an item before being systematically and carefully reinvented and/or regenerated at end of life.

Circular Economy and Health Care

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Wednesday, April 8th 2020,
The Coalition along with partners from across Canada presented a webinar on the state of the Circular Economy and Health Care in Canada.

Topics that were discussed:

  • Overview of health care resource use - waste, water, energy, GHGs
  • Opportunities for a new business model - Circular Economy
  • Health care environmental sustainability concerns
  • Examples of current circular economy initiatives in health care
  • How health care can encourage circular economy initiatives in our supply chain
  • Federal government purchasing language
  • Zero plastic waste initiative
  • World Circular Economy Forum - Toronto - September 2020