CCGHC Membership Fees

2018 Membership fees

The Coalition’s 2018 membership fees are as follows:
Health Care Organisation:  $200 (includes hospitals with multiple sites)
Health Regions $500 (includes multiple hospital sites)
Provincial Health Organisation: $1,000 (where provincial health operates under one umbrella organisation, may have multiple regions)
Long-Term Care Organisations: $100
Not-for-Profit/Government:  $100 (only health care sector not-for-profits)
Individuals: $50
Students: $25

Changes to Memberships from 2017

As of 2017, we have removed the option for business memberships. If you are a for-profit organization and would like to support the Coalition through project-specific sponsorship, please contact

Also new in 2017, we have added the option to pay for two years of membership. You will see this option in the dropdown menu below. Please note that Not-for-profit Associations do not include private sector corporations.

Membership Options

CCGHC Memberships

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care is Canada’s premier integrated green resource network, committed to driving the evolution of green. Membership fees help support us in enabling the health care sector to integrate climate change resiliency and environmentally-responsible practices into the delivery of compassionate health care.

In 2017, membership fees helped support:

  • Improvement and delivery of the Green Hospital Scorecard program, Canada’s only ‘Made-in-Ontario’ environmental benchmarking tool for hospitals, and the Scorecards associated Green Awards.

Development of the Green Health Leaders’ Institute, our newest program that engages senior leaders on leading the evolution of green practices in their organisations.

  • Ongoing research and reporting on Climate Change Resiliency Gaps for Health Canada; analyzing what Canada can learn from other countries as it prepares for the impacts of climate change.

Procurement of funding to bring the Building Operator Certificate (BOC) course to Weeneebayko Area Health Authority building operators along the western coast of James Bay

Project SOIL (Shared Opportunities on Institutional Lands) exploring the potential of on-site food production at public health care and educational institutions – with funding from OMAFRA

NOURISH, a national community of practice for innovators shaping the future of food in health care.

Collaborative Medical Imaging Equipment Study on behalf of ENERGY STAR® and Natural Resources Canada to determine if a new category of product should be developed for medical imaging equipment.

Progress in our Reducing Toxics and Hazardous Waste in the Health Care Community with collaborators from BC Lower Mainland GreenCare, Ontario’s Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, Synergie Santé Environnement, the Coalition for Healthcare Acquired Infection Reduction (CHAIR), Class 1 Inc., Aqueous Solutions, and Tersano Inc.