Purchasing and Supply Chain

Green Hospital Procurement Guide

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Once you have made your commitment to supporting sustainable health care in your organisation, it is time to let vendors know they must match their product offerings with your expectations and desire to source environmentally-friendly (green) products and services. What you buy and how you buy it […]

Green Office Solutions for Physicians

Physicians’ offices are not as healthy as one might think. Offices contain numerous potentially toxic chemicals, such as mercury and glutaraldehyde. Plastic medical supplies release toxic furans and dioxins into the atmosphere during their production and disposal. The energy sources that power the health care industry contribute to climate change […]

ChemTRAC proves to be catalyst of change

Thanks to an innovative safer chemical policy initiative by the City of Toronto, residents can breathe a little easier and easier breathing is good for everyone in the GTA. It is helping to focus attention on reducing potential health hazards from chemicals in common use throughout the city while stimulating research and creative solutions from manufacturers and distributors vying for our business.