Greening Health Care Sector Report: Utility Conservation and Management

The Green Hospital Scorecard (GHS) is a benchmarking and recognition program which aims to reflect hospitals’ environmental performance as indicated by their operations, management, and policies. Hospitals that participate in the GHS program receive an individual GHS report, which is created using the data submitted through the GHS Survey. The […]

Hospitals go green to help meet energy demand

It’s hard to imagine any hospital, with its massive demand for round-the-clock power, operating off the grid. But it’s happening at one Midwest hospital system. In October 2014, Gundersen Health System, based in La Crosse, Wis., announced it had reached its goal of energy independence when, for the first time, […]

York Hospital green team conserving environment

From single-sort recycling to renewable energy credits, York Hospital has been busy working toward turning “sustainability” into savings. With a volunteer “Green Team” whose mission considers conserving the environment by ensuring that sustainability becomes an integral component of daily operations, while also ensuring excellent ‘far above par’ patient care, these […]