The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care is leading an energy project to assist health care facilities in Ontario’s remote First Nation’s communities on the western coast of James Bay with energy efficiency, conservation, education, and training. Work will be undertaken through a community partnership with the Fort Albany Power […]

WAHA First Nation’s Energy Project

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Once you have made your commitment to supporting sustainable health care in your organisation, it is time to let vendors know they must match their product offerings with your expectations and desire to source environmentally-friendly (green) products and services. What you buy and how you buy it […]

Green Hospital Procurement Guide

The NHS and wider health and care sector have exceeded the first target in the bid to reach carbon reduction targets and help limit the effects of climate change set by the Climate Change Act 2008. The Sustainable Development in Health and Care Report shows the NHS has reduced its […]

NHS Sustainable Development in Health and Care Report 2016

The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of the effects of climate change on food security and nutrition, intended as its four dimensions, and to explore ways to reduce negative impacts through adaptation and resilience.

Climate change and food security: risks and responses

A series of reports measuring the carbon footprint of the NHS in England. This consumption carbon footprint includes emissions from building energy use; travel to and from sites; as well as goods and services purchased by the NHS. This hybrid approach covers scopes 1, 2 and 3 as identified by […]

NHS England Carbon Footprinting Reports