Green Health Leaders Institute

A project of the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care

The Green Health Leaders (GHL) Institute supports key senior leaders, specifically health care board members, executives, medical staff and policy-makers, with a desire to:

  • Move their organisations to a new level of environmental stewardship
  • Expand their knowledge of environmental best practice
  • Share information and environmental performance data
  • Better understand innovative solutions and how to overcome barriers to change



Green Health Leaders Forum
Green Health Leaders are change catalysts through:

  • Making strategic commitments for an environmentally-sustainable health system
  • Empowering staff to take appropriate action
  • Becoming ambassadors for this initiative

Green Hospital Scorecard
The Green Hospital Scorecard is an environmental performance measurement and benchmarking dashboard that provides a quick snapshot of an organisation’s environmental performance.

Green Health Leaders+
This ‘hands on’ help provides mentorship and coaching to senior leaders and works with the organisation’s Green Leadership Committee. Guidance is provided to identify gaps, help develop action plans, and establish key performance indicators and benchmarking opportunities through external accountability.

Resources for Green Health Leaders

  • Green Health Leaders Guidebook
  • Workshops and Webinars
  • Fact sheets and policy templates
  • Best practice case studies
  • Venues to learn about green and clean technologies and services for health care


For information contact:

Green Health Leaders Instituteccghc100
Neil Ritchie, Principal