Vision, Mission, and Goal


Nationally recognized as the premier, integrated green resource network, the CCGHC will positively influence the ecological impact of Canadian health care.


We provide an active vehicle for enabling positive ecological change within the Canadian health care landscape.


The adoption by all components of Canada’s health care system – public and private – of resource conservation and pollution prevention principles and effective environmental management systems leading to a sustainable health system.


The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care is Canada’s premier integrated green health care resource network; a national voice and catalyst for environmental change.

We are an alliance of committed Canadian health service organisations, associations and environmentally focused business associates that promotes the adoption of environmentally friendly and sustainable health care service delivery to complement the compassionate delivery of health care. We are a nationally incorporated not-for-profit organisation.

We encourage the adoption of resource conservation, pollution prevention principles and effective environmental management systems to reduce the Canadian health care sys­tem’s ecological impact while protecting human health. We collaborate with health care organisations, facilities, and professionals, governments and non-governmental organisations, the private sector and others to raise awareness of this issue and to increase the capacity of the health care sector to address its environmental issues.

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Joint Position Statement

In November 2009 the most prominent organizations  involved in delivery of health services in Canada  (including the CCGHC) came together in an unprecedented show of support for the Joint Position Statement: Toward an Environmentally Responsible Canadian Health Sector.  The three Calls to Action embedded in this statement are:

  • We call on governments and policy-makers at all levels to understand and address links between health and the environment and to incorporate these links into policy decisions through legislative and budgetary actions.
  • We call on all health care organizations to pledge to minimize the negative impact of their activity on the environment and to seek solutions to existing barriers.
  • We call on individuals working in the health sector to both model and advocate for environmentally responsible approaches to delivering health care without compromising patient safety and care.

The Joint Position Statement: Toward an Environmentally Responsible Canadian Health Sector can be viewed Here.