Health care facilities have high energy intensities: they typically provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and use energy-intensive equipment. ENERGY STAR® products are available in many consumer and business categories to help purchasers select the most energy efficiency products in a specific category. Currently, there is no ENERGY […]

Medical Imaging Equipment Energy Use Study

  What is Climate Change Resiliency Mentoring? Climate Change Resiliency Mentoring is a program offered by the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care that provides tools, resources, and guidance for facilities to evaluate and increase their resiliency to climate change impacts. Climate Change Impacts are Here Now! 2016 shattered global […]

Climate Change Resiliency Mentoring

NEW: GHS Case Studies The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care is pleased to share three case studies based off submissions to this year’s Green Hospital Scorecard Program:                         Also check out for our downloadable magazine subscription cancellation […]

Green Hospital Scorecard

Objectives Funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada - EcoAction Community Funding Program, this two-year clean water initiative will reduce toxic and hazardous waste generated by health care facility operations through the identification, implementation, and evaluation of innovative, toxics-free technologies and chemical use strategies. Working collaboratively with BC Lower Mainland GreenCare, […]

Reducing Toxic and Hazardous Waste in the Health Care Community

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care is leading an energy project to assist health care facilities in Ontario’s remote First Nation’s communities on the western coast of James Bay with energy efficiency, conservation, education, and training. Work will be undertaken through a community partnership with the Fort Albany Power […]

WAHA First Nation’s Energy Project

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Once you have made your commitment to supporting sustainable health care in your organisation, it is time to let vendors know they must match their product offerings with your expectations and desire to source environmentally-friendly (green) products and services. What you buy and how you buy it […]

Green Hospital Procurement Guide